Chicken corn soup

  1. Chicken Broth 5 Cups
  2. Chicken powder 1tsp.
  3. Corn Flour 4 tbsp.
  4. Sweet corn (canned) 4 tbsp. (You can also use fresh corn)
  5. Salt  1tsp.
  6. Egg whites  2


  • Take bony part  from 1 chicken, add water and one small onion and let it cook.
  • When it gets thoroughly cooked, remove meat from bones and shred.
  • Add bones again to the broth and cook again.
  • Remove from heat when 5 cups broth is left.
  • Strain the broth and put in to a pan.
  • Put on fire and bring to boil.
  • Add the shredded chicken,chicken powder, salt and corn.
  • Mix corn flour in half cup water.
  • Add it to the soup.
  • When it is thick enough, add egg whites and mix thoroughly.
  • Serve with chilly sauce, vinegar and soy sauce

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