Putting It All Together…

Great ideas………… love it!

Chewing On Life

Week 2 has ended and I’m started to settle down a lot more into LCB. I love the people there and I love the process of learning even though it’s hard sometimes to accept mistakes. Still, it’s nice to know that I am learning along with the rest of my group mates and in a way, I feel a flicker of the old Nat coming back – the one that enjoys making new friends.

I’ve been able to interact not just with those within my group, but also other students doing basic patisserie, as well as some doing the grand diploma and superior patisserie. Ooh and I have spotted some dishy looking guys, most of whom unfortunately are in culinary. =( Ah well, one can look can’t she? x)

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, we prepared out mis-en-place on Thursday and so yesterday, we put all the different…

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